Raúl Morales

Phone/Fax (718) 881-4802
E-Mail: voxdeixx@yahoo.com

Professional Experience

List of
Advertising Agencies & Direct Clients
Corporate Image
"Wedding" TV:30', GM Corp.
"Car Wash" TV:30', GM Hispanic Corporate Image.
"Wedding" Print, Magazine advertising, GM Corp
"Car Wash" Print, Mag., GM Corporate Image Hispanic
"Baby" Print, Mag.ad, GM Corp. Hispanic Campaign

Market Introductions/New products
Metrocard introduction to Hisp. Mkt. Radio, Humor used to easy & promote, MTA (Spanish, with legal back translation)

Offer Driven

Hisp. Radio Metrocard Introduction, MTA
Direct Deposit Hisp. Radio, US Dept. of the Treasury
General Motors Corporate Image Hispanic Campaign
H&R Block '99, TV & DM

Direct Response/Coupons/FSI
Hisp. Bus, SFL Global Serv.USPS DM package
10-10-345 "La Suerte Loca", AT&T
"Photo" Medrano Express

10-10-345 "La Suerte Loca", Hispanic contest promotion, AT&T

Out of Home, Billboards
Ginarte & Assoc. Billboard

Uncle Ben's
Boston Market, FSI
USPS, 140+ pages Bilingual B to B book on marketing techniques that work.
PPI translation, Propecia, Merck pharmaceuticals

Internet Marketing

Web Design
This one you are viewing

Medical writing / Pharmaceutical Translation
Propecia, Magazine Ad, Merck
Propecia, Direct Mail sales letter, Merck
Propecia, Brochure, Merck
Propecia, Spanish, Patient Information, Merck

Low Budget Advertising
"Photo" TV:30", Medrano Express, Spanish
Vicente Fernandez, Kmart Retail Poster


McCormack & McCormack, P.C. Attorney
"Villa" Ameritech
HSBC Bank/Marine Midland financial products.
H&R Block.

Automobile category
Sonoma, GMC, TV:30 English & Spanish language

Food & Packaged Goods
Uncle Ben's
Boston Market, FSI

Hard Liquors & Beer
Bacardi / Habana Clásico
Ponche Kuba

Telemarketing scripts
Phone patient Information, Propecia, Merck, West Teleservices Corp.
U.S. Army Recruiting hotline

Newspaper Ads
GM "Strike"


General Motors, Corporate Acct.

Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser

Red Wolf

Anheuser-Busch, Michelob

U S Postal Service, Priority Mail & Global Services.

Sonoma & Sierra


Boston Market, Boston Chicken

The Bank of New York

HSBC (Marine Midland Bank)


Ameritech, Caller ID, Call-Waiting, Pagers, etc.

Con Edison

Bacardi Imports, Bacardi Rums

Uncle Bens

AT&T, 10-10-345 Lucky Dog, DM & Web Site.

First Bank Americano

Mass. Dept. of Public Health

MTA (Metrocard Introduction to Hispanic Market)

Merck, Propecia.

Ginarte & Assoc.

HSBC Bank/ Marine Midland Bank

McCormack & McCormack, P.C.

Castrol Motor Oil,

King Productions, HBO-Don King Prod.

US Dept. of the Treasury, FMS,Direct Deposit

US Census Bureau, Census 2000, Hispanic

U.S. Army

AIG (Insurance)

Citibank, Home Improv. Loan

Red Wolf

Anheuser-Busch, Michelob

Columbia House Entertainment, Latin Music

AT&T: Savings Line, DM Aquisition & Winback. Movers' Guide Mag. Ad.

Latino Arts Festival

Summit Bank

H&R Block

Castor Advertising Corp.

Siboney USA

UniWorld Group

The Bravo Group, Young & Rubicam

Earle Palmer Brown

Korey Kay & Partners



The Chisholm-Mingo Group

LLT Advertising Int’l.

Kang & Lee Advertising, Y&R

Medrano Express

Restaurante El Arrayan

National Paddleball Assoc.

Susan Ciminelli Day Spa


Owens International

West Telemarketing



Success Advertising

Henry J. Kaufman & Assoc. Inc.

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Member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Westchester

Creative Business Association

Advertising Club of Westchester


Awarded a Silver and 2 Bronze on '99 Advertising Club of Westchester Big W Awards for TV and Print campaign pieces for General Motors Corp.

Created DM Package for USPS that won "Judge's Excellence Award" on USPS National Postal Forum 1999.

Winner of the 1999 Flame Award for a TV:30  for General Motors Corp.






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(718) -881 -4802
What do I do?: Communications specialist or advertising, sort to speak. I freelance for advertising agencies in New York, I am a consultant and specialist in the Hispanic market. I produce content for the Latin America and US Spanish speaking on line target. Creative. You can call me creative director or concepts or ideas generator or copywriter, writer or marketing consultant on ethnic or specialty or multicultural markets. I have done Hispanic campaigns for television, radio, print, (magazine, newspaper, OOH or billboards, posters, POP or POS) internet marketing or on line or interactive marketing (as you can tell...), event marketing, merchandising. Experience in the Latino market. I translate into Spanish, (this should make me a translator) but I most of the time adapt copy to the target audience. There is a difference between translating and create a communication with marketing in mind so that every time you communicate you are increasing sales, building a corporate image, creating brand awareness, branding, you are advertising and promoting business, building top of mind and persuading. My multicultural background and education in communications allows me cross cultural creative concepts that translate well in most cultural segments. The knowledge of niche market and language and market segmentation develops the full potential for multicultural,  target marketing to diverse ethnic markets. I do on line marketing or interactive or internet marketing specialist in South American marketing and the United States or US Hispanic market. Development of business models for the Internet. Positioning. Strategy.
publicidad consultor mercado latino americano creatividad publicitaria director creativo redactor castellano ingles promocion sitio ventas exterior agente traductor

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