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Raul Morales

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Commercial aired at halftime of last SuperBowl


"Know when to say when"
Oscar de la Hoya

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Comercial que salió al aire en el medio tiempo del último SuperBowl

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TV30 aired during games of the 1998 World Cup Soccer

Lavando Carros, aired at 1998 World Cup Tournament Games

Lavando Carros

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TV60 Budweiser 1

Other Budweiser Commercials

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TV 30 Budweiser 2
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TV 30 Budweiser 3
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TV 30 Budweiser 4


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GMC Sonoma

Other Commercials

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Most of these TV ads target the US Hispanic market. Besides good communication, good in-language advertising, branding, image building or clear and compeling delivery of offer, great creative concept, in accordance to brand positioning and in strategy, these ethnic or minority advertising spots need to be "in culture". That is: communication needs to be relevant to the values of these niche profitable Latin markets.

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