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Raúl Morales




Hispanic market advertising, Latin American market, Spanish advertising, marketing, Hispanic advertising professional, interactive advertising agency, Hispanic advertising portfolio, creative, marketing consultant, neutral universal multicultural communications, advertising concepts, Spanish writer, interactive, freelance, television, radio, print ads, spots. painter, artist.

Advertising Creative Director / Spanish Copywriter / Hispanic Communications/ Graphic Artist

Director Creativo de Publicidad / Redactor de anuncios / Comunicación en Español/ Artista Gráfico







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              What do I do? Advertising, sort to speak. I freelance for advertising agencies in New York, I am a consultant and specialist in the Hispanic market. Creative, you can call me creative director or concepts or ideas generator or copywriter, writer or marketing consultant on ethnic or specialty or multicultural markets. I have done Hispanic campaigns for television, radio, print, (magazine, newspaper, OOH or billboards, posters, POP or POS) internet marketing or on line or interactive marketing (as you can tell...), event marketing, merchandising. Experience in the Latino market. I translate into Spanish, (this should make me a translator) but I most of the time adapt copy to the target audience.

There is a difference between translating and create a communication with marketing in mind so that every time you communicate you are increasing sales, persuading, building a corporate image, creating brand awareness and emotional ties, branding, you are advertising and promoting business, building top of mind and persuading. My multicultural background and education in marketing and communications allows me to create cross-cultural creative concepts that translate well in most cultural segments.

The knowledge of niche market and language and market segmentation develops the full potential for multicultural, target marketing to diverse ethnic markets. I do on-line marketing or interactive or internet marketing specialist for Latin American marketing and the United States or US Hispanic market.

A universe of ideas, infinite possibilities. "There are other worlds but they are in this one".
Un universo de ideas, infinitas posibilidades.  Hay otros mundos, pero están en este.

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